Myself of a year ago, hell even a month ago are very different people.

In recent months, I have seriously re-evaluated life and where I was going, what I planned to do and what I was doing. What I discovered is that I have been doing it all wrong…

More or less I have been so busy chasing corporate titles and seeking what society tells me I need to do that I have forgotten to be me. I have been so busy in the work-gym-home loop that I have isolated myself from the world.  I have written this all to myself before, but I have never taken action on it. Until now.

I have thrown out that script and going back to living in Japan like I did before. For the experience. As a friend of mine said over lunch “if you wanted to be bored in an office, you can do that in your own country”. With that said, I am working on my own consulting company that gives me the freedom to work wherever I want. I am going out again on a near daily basis meeting new people and hearing new perspectives on life. I am aggressively enjoying my hobbies and trying new adventures when ever I can.

I realized that I was living my life for someone else, and I was not enjoying it for me.

I feel alive right now, and I am going to hold on to that feeling as long as I can



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