Travel Japan – Nagasaki

Today entry is one of my favorite cities in all of Japan, Nagasaki.

When I first came to Japan and lived in Fukuoka, I used to visit Nagasaki almost every Saturday to relax. Between the historic sites, the very walkable sidewalks, and the seaside, I can spend all day outside here. As seen below, there are streetcars to get around as well that stop at all the major tourist destinations. There is also lots of bus service in the city.

For lovers of colonial European architecture, Japanese shrines and temples (where there are plenty not on tourist maps), and Japanese history, I highly recommend Nagasaki.

To get to Nagasaki From Tokyo, it is a seven-hour shinkansen ride (with a transfer at Hakata) or a two-hour flight (the airport is a bit far from the city.)

*Please forgive the variations of picture quality as these pictures were taken between 2003-2015




One comment

  1. Terrence Holden · February 18, 2017

    Never saw a vending machine with a torii around it. haha


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