Travel Japan – Chiba (Minami Boso)

Sometimes, I take a day off from work to enjoy a train ride around rural Chiba Prefecture. As with most places I travel, there is not much to see except nature. And that is the reason that I love southern Chiba Prefecture.

About an hour train ride from Tokyo station is a simple transfer at Goi Station to the Kominato line. It’s easy to spot this station as it looks like on other station in the Kanto region. The trains are old, there are wooden train cars and everything looks like it was built in 1950.

After transferring, it does not feel like it’s just an hour away from the metropolis of Tokyo. In fact, it is a completely different world. The smell of the rural air, the sounds of the insects in the summer wind, the soft rumble of the train along the tracks. The perfect place to forget whatever troubles are on your mind and enjoy the world around you.



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