Kumejima: Day 1

A small break from the hustle of mainland Japan. 

Kumejima is a small island about 100 miles from mainland Okinawa in Japan. This is a vacation to unwind from it all. 

Day one was arrival. As with these small, far flung islands in Japan, the airport is open only 2-4 hours a day! After landing I waited for a taxi for about an hour for a ride to the village, I finally made my way to my minshuku (a bed and breakfast type inn). After opening the curtains, I was greeted by a rainbow over the sea.

…and a shower with the toilet. In all the places I’ve visited in Japan, and the world I’ve never seen that before. 

After, I ate that the best restaurant I’ve ever been to in Japan, bar none.

It is very traditional Okinawan food, cooked perfection. After eating more than my fill, I strolled through the sugarcane fields and the village. As I enjoyed the smell of nature and cow manure, I realized that no matter how brief the trip was, I would enjoy it immensely.

Day two would take me around the island to feel serenity I hadn’t felt in a while.


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