Kumejima Day 2

The second day at Kumejima was a day for cycling. Although I had prepared to take my folding bike on the plane, I decided I did not want any checked baggage on this trip and therefore left it behind. 

We rented bikes at the island, and as to be expected, the bikes provided were not in the best condition. The only shop with nice bikes was closed, so we set out on single gear commuter bikes for the journey. These would have been fine minus one large climb on the island that required us to push the bikes uphill 

Despite the tropical heat, the lack of traffic on the island made the walk up enjoyable.

The view from the top was…

Continuing the trek, a local fisherman informed us that they were about to start the auction for the day and we could watch if we wish.

As we continued to circle the island out our 11.3kph pace, we enjoyed the local points of interest 

Local Shrine

Sugarcane, Kumejimas main export.

As the day came to an end, we made our way back to the village and enjoyed the local foods

Cycling stats for the day.

Sunset in the fields

Main Street

[beach street] I enjoy any place where I can walk down Main Street without worrying about traffic.

Looking back I wish I had carried my own bike for comfort, but I still enjoyed the adventure. In total, the journey was 40km, it would have been another 10 if we went down the first path. However, that was a trip for another day.


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